Preparing your PDF files for print-on-demand is easier than ever. PDF FIX enables you to print without the need to adjust. 


How does it work?


The flow is simple — upload any file, and PDF FIX checks if the file matches the Cloudprinter product templates. In case of an issue, it will automatically modify the file without changing the content.


This way, you minimise the chance of issues with your orders and save time adjusting your files to product templates.


PDF FIX will provide solutions according to the flow you set up.

Key features:

adding bleed or trim boxes

rotating pages

scaling PDF file

splitting spreads to pages

putting the book cover and page block in separate PDF files

adjusting cut contour (for stickers, photo tiles, and alu wall decors)

Automate your print flow.

Save on reorders and time spent adjusting your files.

Who can use it?


PDF FIX is a free feature only available to Cloudprinter.com customers with business or enterprice plan. Reach out to our team to activate it.


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